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From today we are starting a new series called Women Power. Here we will present the work of women who are a source of inspiration for all of us and from whom we can learn a lot. Sneha Narayanan is the heroine of our article today! Let us know more about her.

picture: Sneha Narayanan
Sneha Narayanan
Sneha Narayanan is an award winning blogger, writer and TED talks motivational speaker. She has also featured in newspapers. She quit her job at IBM India in 2018 to empower women at grass-root level and started a social initiative called " Sneha's Expression " where she would talk about social taboos and urge women to stand up for themselves. Within 9 months of venturing into blogging, she won an award on international platform and was awarded with Best Personal Development Award at London in June 2019.

Sneha has been awarded the Best Personal Development Award.

picture: Clipping of the published news
Clipping of the published news

On the occasion of Independence Day, Sneha wants to share her words with us today.

Being daughter of an Army officer, I feel honoured to write down few words for all our soldiers.

She has written the following English poem in honour of our soldiers.

Ode To Soldiers
Facing adversities, soldiers risk their life.
Remember, they too could have stayed back and enjoyed with family and wife.
Family, holidays and pursuits of pleasure sacrificed in a trice.
Nation is in safe hands but at what price.
Cats have nine lives, A soldier has only one.
Beyond the call of duty, that’s sacrificed even.
Sometimes he gets a mention depending upon the occasion.
Pardon the pun, the deed is done.
The bugle has played the last post, a mother has lost her brave son.
All those in places mighty and high, once in a while, why can’t you think it could have been ‘I’?
A soldier has done what he must.
Let not his sacrifice go to dust.
Nation is safe at a price.
Let s honour the supreme sacrifice.

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I hope you like this new series. If you know any women who you feel should be featured here, please send me her information and I would definitely want to write a post about her.

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सुमित सिंह

मेरा नाम सुमित सिंह है। मैंने इतिहास में स्नातकोत्तर किया है तथा मैं दो सुंदर बेटियों की माँ हूँ।मैंने यह ब्लॉग मेरे जैसी अन्य महिलाओं से बात करने के लिए बनाया हैं।